Semi Korosiya x Skinner art print. This print was done for a special Cop A Squat Toys x Skinner toy release and is in printed in retina burning fluorescent ink. The paper measures 12.75" x 15.75 and the actual print is 11" x 14" so it's nice and easy to frame. This will be available later this week here in the shop. Also the figure itself will be released 8/29 Noon PST here.



10/28/2013 02:55

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11/11/2013 20:59

The art print that you have come up with seems to be the interesting and identifying one. I am sure that with the help of this one will get certain ideas about it.

11/15/2013 22:07

The skinner art concept that you have shown on this site is simply provocative and formative. This is interesting site with interesting concept.

12/12/2013 22:33

This art print is not only interesting but unique as well. I really like the art touch that is being applied on it.

01/28/2014 02:24

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